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Partner Logistic

Partner Logistic sp. z o.o. is a logistical operator about the all-Poland reach. Activity is being carried on in the modern logistical centre in the centre of Poland in Wolborz, in the Lodz’s special Economic Zone, at the route Warszawa-Katowice, about 25.000 square meters of the area.

Partner Logistic is based on 15 years of experience in import,transport and distribution of groceries. We have also huge experience with large commercial networks, wholesale companies, shops, restaurants and networks of a petrol station and this is guaranteeing our customers the professional service.
Partner Logistic renditions comprehensive logistical services, mostly like:

  • Short and long-term storing goods,
  • Wrapping up and repacking goods,
  • Compound with requirements through the customer,
  • Labelling and Co-packing goods labelling,
  • The realization of customer’s orders, delivering goods to places pointed out,
  • by the customer of their conclusive destiny and other logistical services well adapted for individual needs of their customers.